How to Participate in PUREAir Coin (AiRC) pre-Sale with Bitcoin using

PUREAir Coin pre-Sale starts Friday 27th November at 06:00 UTC time.

Following are some instructions on how to do it.

  1. Go with your browser to
(And click where it says Get a FREE Wallet)

2. It will take you to this registration form:

3. Fill the form, accept the terms of service and click continue.

4. Now you have a wallet.

If you don’t have bitcoin, you can buy it directly in there. (Another great place is Coinbase.)

5. Click on buy & sell bitcoin on the left bar:

6. Select your country and click continue.

7. Add the amount of money you’re willing to pay, and pay.

8. Once you have purchased bitcoin, go to your wallet.

9. Select Send in any of the places shown below:

A pop-up will appear.

10. You add on the “To:” field the addresss which is : 1DwrCAkCdre9jC5oY71V1NXWZZ4Ay1qfby. So it has to look like this:



Add the amount you want to send, and your ethereum wallet in the description (so we can then send the PUREAir Coins to you) and click continue:

Once our crowdsale is done, PUREAir Coins with the ticker (AiRC) will be sent your way and appear in your wallet. Also, join the ICO channel in telegram or follow us in facebook, twitter or reddit. Any announcements will be done there.

ICO telegram:

Facebook url:

Twitter url:

Reddit Url:

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