To Alaska

Day 3 — More Driving

I’ve always loved being outside and thanks to meeting some cool people in college I got to explore that a little bit more by embarking on a few backpacking trips. This summer myself, Kevin, Joey, and David will be doing our biggest trip yet and heading up north to Alaska, for about 7 weeks, with some other dope stops along the way. Stay tuned.

Day 3-May 24, 2017

This morning we woke up at another random, but free campsite in Wyoming. We got there a little after midnight and the stars were absolutely beautiful! Kevin set up his tripod and got some sick shots of the sky. It was actually decently cold out, but it will be even colder in Glacier when we arrive there tonight. Today is basically all driving. So you can either look at it as a rest day or just being really uncomfortable for hours.

Sleepy Joey

I started off driving for like five hours or so and then we stopped to get a burger at “The Burger Dive” in Montana. I ordered the North Beach burger if you ever happen to go. Especially if you like mushrooms cause it was delicious. They also apparently had really good milk shakes, but I managed to hold off because they were $6 and I need money to make it through this thing. This is one of the only times you’ll ever see me turn down ice cream.

Kevin’s allergies are either acting up really bad or he’s just crying at the beauty of everything all the time. It’s probably both.

Driving through Wyoming I also discovered I have a super power. Well, like an average every day super power. If I placed my hand on the clock and radio screen in the car all the static would disappear from the station. Things are looking up.

We stayed at a campsite about an hour or so from East Glacier Village. It was super windy but our tents held up nicely. We’ll see what happens once we get all the way to Glacier.