This week, we launched WILL, a full-service creative agency offering branding, marketing, and advertising to brands of all shapes and sizes.

Who is we?

We’re a band of five misfits. We’ve hosted TV shows, written for VICE, and been creatives at the top ad agencies in the world. Our campaigns have premiered on Good Morning America and lit up Times Square. Our work has been consumed by millions of people. Yet each of us has always played the role of outcast.

Why? Because we challenge conventional thinking and don’t like the status quo.

After years of trying to conform, unsuccessfully, us five outsiders…

Two of the top trending posts on Fishbowl, an advertising industry social app, probe for answers about workplace politics in the lead-up to November.

Sorry for the crappy quality photo. I was trying to record and Tweet at the same time. There’s a better video below.

A crowd of roughly 50–60 concerned citizens gathered outside the residence of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Saturday afternoon to protest a drug and homelessness crisis that has boiled over into an emergency. LA’s official mayoral mansion, the Getty House, is located in the tony and entirely-homeless-free neighborhood of Hancock Park.

Nearly everywhere else in the city, residents have noticed a drastic uptick in tent cities, public defecation, erratic behavior, and open-air drug use that makes walking LA’s streets a veritable nightmare. A recent homeless count found the surge is even higher than the most liberal estimates predicted.

The protest…

Even the name of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, Sticks and Stones, evokes a shattering.

It’s inspiring because it’s brave. He stands in front of an Atlanta audience he knows is waiting to get offended, and he tells jokes he knows will offend them.

He doesn’t tell them in spite of offense. He tells them because of it.

He doesn’t just know that they will be offended. He knows precisely how. It’s not that he doesn’t care. It’s that he cares deeply. Deeply enough to risk sacrificing himself.

And in doing so, he becomes a hero. He has intentionally and…

On the most recent FiveThirtyEight Podcast, after the second Dem debates’ second night, correspondent Claire Malone calls Tulsi Gabbard “Problematic.”

This was after Kamala Harris was “brutalized,” by Gabbard during the debates over her record as California Attorney General.

Ben Shapiro, on his own post-debate podcast, put it quite entertainingly:

“[Gabbard] brought the hammer about as hard as I’ve seen someone bring a hammer in a presidential debate since Chris Christie went after Marco Rubio… This is the meme from ‘The Simpsons’: stop, stop, he’s already dead.”

During the episode, FiveThirtyEight cohost Galen Druke picks Gabbard in the fourth round…

Billionaire investor Roger McNamee’s Wikipedia picture, put there by people he paid to put it there.

Boomers like Roger McNamee remain insistent on changing the world…but not themselves.

The latest episode of Sam Harris’ podcast featured billionaire investor Roger McNamee. He was an early Facebook advisor who has since reversed his support of the company and become its biggest critic. He just published a book called Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe and is currently on a book tour. He was born in 1956, making him thirteen years old in 1969, at the peak of the Peace and Love counterculture movement that has come to define the Baby Boomer Generation.

His critiques of Facebook (and also Google) are the same ones you’ve heard a million times before…

Traditional publishers are in decline. They beg us to subscribe, plaster ads all over their content, and dress up other ads as content. They prey on our anger, sell our data, track our movements, and hire consultants to think up other desperate ways to monetize their increasingly risk-averse offerings. All this and they still struggle to make a profit. They have been in denial about something for over a decade, something they will soon have no choice but to admit. The ad-based model inherent to the current internet simply cannot support quality writing.

The ad-based model was a central fixture…

About four months ago I quit Facebook and Instagram after a big job I was up for didn’t pan out. Two months later, I left Twitter.

The first thing I noticed after I unplugged was that online ads unplugged from me. It was an overnight change. One day I was seeing Amazon book deals and food festivals near me, the next it was 100% women’s clothing. The more I use Chrome, the more ads close back in on my interests, but they’re nowhere near as accurate as they once were.

The other changes happened more slowly. Only now, sixty days…

This fiction story was edited by Bread & Circuses.

THE HOUSE WAS ON A STEEP HOLLYWOOD HILL, about halfway down Beachwood Canyon from the sign. It was a sloping-lot craftsman and from the street looked like a small single story, but it flowed downwards in a tube-like fashion so that half the foundations and one side of the basement were exposed beneath the main floor.

The “basement” was not really a basement at all, but just another smaller floor that opened out onto the hill. Inside, it was dusty and decorated in a way that Coda found appalling. She thought…

Ira Glass, King of the Whimper Fry Podcasters

The latest episode of Not a Huge Fan Podcast discusses a phenomenon that’s been bothering me for quite some time, the absolutely unbearably irritating voices of the Brooklyn podcasting elite. These podcasts, almost always spin-offs of the NPR fixture This American Life, consistently manage to occupy two or three of the top spots on Apple’s “Top Charts,” dominating these precious positions even pre-release.

They also share something else in common. The hosts speak with a disaffected, effete sort of vocal fry that sounds like they barely had the energy to drag themselves out of bed that morning. …

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