MSM Condemns Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Before It Even Exists

No plan has been released, but it’s obviously a horrible plan.

Google “Trump infrastructure plan” and be deluged with negative headlines. Most sources don’t report that a plan has been released, they just skip ahead to the condemnations.

This is probably because Trump has not, in fact, released an infrastructure plan at all. Rather, this week the White House released a basic fact sheet outlining the principles of a future plan. Any source issuing hot takes on a plan must be in the fake news game, because there is no plan in existence. In fact, if you want a straightforward, objective account of what was actually released, you’ll have to rely on

The “fact sheet” that was released by the White House contains less than 300 words.* Oh, and there’s also a 30 second video, which really drives the home the complex, longterm details of this ambitious trillion dollar plan.

There’s also a press release, totaling about 600 words, half of which are spent outlining the problem.

That’s it. That’s all that has been released. About 800 words and :30 seconds of video. But apparently more than enough for MSM sources to spend tens of thousands of words criticizing a plan that’s not a plan.

The releases, part of a publicity-stunt filled “Infrastructure Week” which also saw Trump thrusting regulation-filled binders to the floor, was nothing more that an early elicitation of the principles of a future plan. How do I know? Because an elicitation of principles of a future plan is exactly what Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said they would be.

“Obviously, the President is very impatient,” Chao told the committee. “He has asked that principles be released around the later part of May, so the principles for the infrastructure project should be coming out shortly.”
After the principles are released, Chao said Trump hopes to see a legislative package in the third quarter of the year, which would give Congress until the end of September.” from CNN, three weeks ago.

The principles released so far do nothing but outline very vague goals and extremely broad methods for achieving them. More or less, those methods will mirror Australia’s hybrid public/private infrastructure rehab program, a program that has been unanimously recognized as a success even by the MSM. Yet here we have Robert Reich, syndicated in both the Guardian and Raw Story, saying the infrastructure plan “released last week” is “a scam.” Note that this is essentially the exact same take Reich published and made a video about all the way back in January, before any of this week’s releases had occurred. This has been Reich’s hot take since January, and it won’t matter what’s in the actual plan; he’s sticking to it. It’s impossible to know which non-plan Reich is even talking about because he refuses to link to it.

Oh, but he does manage to criticize the “plan” for being incomplete.

“And it’s hardly a plan. It’s not much more than a page of talking points,” he tells us. Yeah, no kidding!

*One source linked to a previous infrastructure fact sheet. Though undated, as far as I can tell this fact sheet was not released this week, but back in mid-May as part of the initial budget discussions. In any case, while more detailed, it’s still not a plan.