My Life, My Path

Wake up! Wash up! Get Dressed! Eat! Go to school! Graduate! Get a great job! Work for an excellent company! Go on vacation! Get Married! Have Kids! Retire! Die!
Since birth we have been programmed to live a life that is controlled by everyone but our own. As soon as you begin to think and operate for yourself, they tell you it’s wrong. What makes their way so right?

Your Life. Your Path. There’s a reason why you are born by yourself. There’s also a reason why you die by yourself. This is your life to live! The gift of life was given to you. To live, breathe, love, laugh, explore, and appreciate. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for making your own decisions. At times you will succeed. Other times you may fail. Life is all about trial and error.

Find your passion. Work on your craft. Live out your dreams. We spend our whole lives chasing something we hate. Catching something that will make us miserable. Then keeping something that eventually kills our spirit. Why work for something you don’t like? Just because someone told you it was the right thing to do because everyone else did it. Nonsense!

You only get one life. Create your own lane. Build with your own hands. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Live with the satisfaction of knowing, you did things the way you wanted to!
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