21 Big Ideas

Isaac Wang
Oct 9, 2019 · 2 min read

I’m running for San Diego City Council (D5).

Citizens deserve ideas + solutions that actually improve their quality of life. What’s the future we’re trying to achieve?

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  1. Design Safer Streets
  2. Bus Lanes + Wildfires*
  3. Urban Tree Canopy
  4. Quality of Life Metrics
  5. Tacos + Transit: Transit Stations with Street Food*
  6. City Hall (Teleconference Model)*
  7. Better Land Use: Prioritize People Over Cars
  8. Parks + Public Squares (Design Refresh)
  9. Designate a Chinatown (with special zoning)*
  10. Asian Night Markets
  11. Electoral Reform (Democracy Dollars + RCV)
  12. Local Journalism, Civic Education, Non-Profit Dividend
  13. Urban Innovation Lab + Civic Technology HQ
  14. Digital Modernization + No Ugly Websites
  15. Digital Crowdsourcing of Community Projects*
  16. Integrated Payments for Transit and Parking
  17. Elderly Zoning (Urban Design for Aging in Place)
  18. Military Veterans Housing Plan*
  19. YIGBY (Yes In God’s Backyard)
  20. Zoning Reform (Japanese Zoning)
  21. Parking Reform (Shoupista Reforms)

— —

I’ve added some extra policy ideas, because they’re great.

22. Voter Registration at Apartments

23. Public Art for Private Business

I also outlined my vision for how we get to functional mass transit here: Isaac’s Vision for Tacos + Transit

Finally, I’ve outlined the role of Design Thinking in local government here: Let’s Design A Better Relationship with Government

Visit my website to learn more about how to participate in the campaign: www.isaac.vote

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