Designate a Chinatown (with special zoning)

Isaac Wang
Nov 1 · 1 min read

Most major cities in the United States have a designated Chinatown (ex. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, etc)

Why doesn’t San Diego have a Chinatown?

The only area of historical significance that remains is the Chinese Historical Museum in a small pocket of downtown. In addition, we have Convoy District and Mira Mesa as two areas with a high concentration of Asian businesses.

But it’s time to create a Chinatown.

If San Diego no longer has blocks of historical significance for Chinese communities, we’ll create a new one.

We’ll rezone an area close to a transit station (like Boston Chinatown), and create urban design guidelines for a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with mixed-use developments and ground floor retail that concentrates Chinese restaurants and businesses. The area will have a distinctive Chinese design aesthetic and will cater to 21st century preferences and reflect the changing Chinese demographics within San Diego.

Isaac Wang

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