Elderly Zoning (Urban Design for Aging in Place)

San Diego is not designed to be easy to age in. People with mobility difficulties or poor eyesight, who cannot drive, are apt to become house-ridden and lose their connection to their family and their community. They will have difficulty caring for themselves. They won’t be able to get to the nearest outdoor space. And if those people’s friends and family have either passed away or moved, it will be difficult for them to have the all-important human connection.

In fact, according to the San Diego County Senior Health Report (using 2012 American Community Survey data), 42% of our seniors live alone — significantly more than the national percent of 28 (2010 Census).

By designing places to live that have a mixture of uses — housing for both the elderly and the young, easily-accessible open space and resources, and walkable/wheel-chairable accessibility, we can help build community and drastically improve the lives of everyone who calls San Diego home — both senior and otherwise.

You can actually check the AARP’s Livability Index to see how livable your neighborhood is for the elderly.

There’s lots of literature on this topic and we will continue to expand on this, but definitely check out the Urban Land Institute’s interview with AARP on this subject.

(This section is a work in progress and will be expanded upon.)

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