Military YIMBY Housing Plan

Make it easier to build housing for military families.

San Diego is a military city. A significant portion of people either work in the military or work in jobs related to defense industry.

It’s no surprise that thousands of military families come into San Diego every year. Given the housing prices, it should also be no surprise that military families choose to leave San Diego after service members separate from the military. We’re losing vital members of our community.

To meet the needs of this critical group, I’m proposing that if a housing developer chooses to build urban housing exclusively for military families that we make the process a lot easier.

If a housing developer builds infill mixed-use developments near military bases or near transit, and rent exclusively to military families, they should be automatically approved. By-right development. Community planning groups will be informed of the developments, but they will not get to block housing development for military families.

By having these developments close to transit and military bases, they will reduce the amount of cars on the road, because these service members now no longer have long commutes from other parts of town to get to base.

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Candidate for San Diego City Council D5: Visit // Paid for by Isaac Wang for City Council 2020 FPPC ID# 1416799

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