Tacos + Transit: Transit Stations with Street Food

Isaac Wang
Oct 25 · 2 min read

In America, most cities are car-centric with exception to large East Coast metropolitan areas.

In car-centric cities, we developed something called the “Park & Ride”.

It’s basically a gigantic parking lot/parking garage you drive to to get on a bus. Nothing more, nothing less.

In other countries, they have “transit-oriented development”.

They develop housing, offices, retail, groceries around their transit stations. It’s not just sad parking lots. You can get off your bus, pick up groceries, send off some mail, and buy take-out Chinese food all in the same area. Imagine if you could get street tacos at your transit center. Tacos + Transit.

Hipster Tacos

My solution is that San Diego re-zones its transit centers to allow a diverse set of businesses to be built on the same land. Cities can monetize the real estate in their transit centers and allow local businesses to sell useful things to commuters who use transit centers. This gives people more reasons to take transit and helps the city generate revenue.

We have to re-think the entire concept of transit centers. Having basic groceries at your transit center means you don’t have to make a separate trip to get groceries. Same goes for pharmacy, post office, bank, library, coffee, and a variety of other services. This all helps reduce traffic congestion.

This concept may seem revolutionary, but it’s not. It’s already the standard in many places around the world.

Isaac Wang

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Candidate for San Diego City Council D5: Visit www.isaac.vote // Paid for by Isaac Wang for City Council 2020 FPPC ID# 1416799

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