Model / Scale

Rem Koolhaas is the founding partner of OMA (Office of metropolitan architecture) in 1975 together with Elia, Zoe Zenghelis and Madelon Vriesendorp. He was born in Rotterdam in 17 November 1944. He was graduated from Architectural Association in London.

The technique I have chosen for my model is OMA technique. Basically, all his technique are based on the intersection of a horizontal and vertical loops which are manipulated to connect each floor with above and below. His technique allows us to assess the entire structure of a building so we can use the inter space effectively. OMA creates his model by using slab and columns. Instead of brick and steel materials, he often use wood to build his models. I am influenced to make a model by using OMA technique because they have been working on an infrastructure that is capable to create something new for the world.

Jussieu- Two libraries by OMA

In my model, I decided to apply his technique to UTS tower which makes some slabs to each level of UTS tower. The reason is to encourage students to walk instead of using lift and enjoy some innovative structure for the buildings. The medium that I used to apply his technique into my model is white card foam, stick, glue, cutting mat, balsa wood and cutter. First of all, I make the structure of the building by using wooden stick which represents the materials that oma used for his technique (fig 1).

Figure 1: First iteration.

Then, by applying white card foams which represents slabs and some sticks that represents columns of the building structure that creates a sense of balance (fig 2).

Figure 2: Second iteration.

In my third iteration, I make a concept of a continuous loop (fig 3).

Figure 3: Third iteration.

Next, the small sticks are as the coloumn and the white foam is as a structure of a building.

Figure 4: Fourth iteration

Next, I was focusing on how the slabs connect to each floor by using small sticks and white foam to creates the slabs. I apply it into the structure to make the structure an innovative and extreme look However, i have some problem of cutting in this part (fig 5).

Figure 5: Last iteration

For my final draft, I used a wooden stick as a column and use white foam to create the slabs. In this part, it shows how the slab connected to each floor so it becomes a single way to get from one to another floor (fig 6a) and I put some details to scale it which is 1:100 to make it looks more interesting.Lastly, i put the wall to differ the vertical and horizontal intersection and make the interior more stand out as in figure 6a so when it being display people can look into the interior of my model while in figure 6b, I redesigned it without the wall so i can mimicking OMA reference image. The reason of using wooden material is to make it looks similar to his work.

Figure 6a: Final iteration 1.
Figure 6b: final iteration 2.


OMA — Jussieu Libraries Wood Model (1992)