Police in America

First to start off what exactly is a police officer? a police officer is “the civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.”

Ever since the Ferguson problem everyone has been concerned about police in america and wondering if there really doing there job right.But the thing is police officers have every right to shoot if they feel if there life is threatened.

Theirs two sides to this problem that happened in Ferguson. Many people think that the police officer had the right to shoot him and a lot of people don’t see any harm in what happened, because the police officer had a job to do and he did what he felt was right, he had to protect his life he felt like his life was threaten but then there was others who felt differently

Although there was people who would protest and march on the streets chanting a lot of people then disagreed with what the police officer did and tried everything in there power to get him arrested. There was people who were against what had happened.

But in my opinion I think that the police officer had a right to protect himself, and although people are against what he did. They need to understand that if they were in the polices position they would do the same, but i guess everyone has their own opinion when it comes to police but when people complain about police but we need them to keep our community safe and there extremly important.

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