Coconut Oil Based Products from Indonesia

Surabaya, 29 October 2016 — Sari Mas Permai is one of the biggest producer of crude coconut oil worldwide, with distribution centers on almost all the continents in the world.

Coconut Oil is an edible oil extracted from the coconut fruits. It has many applications in lots of industries. Because it is edible, people can use it when cooking food, and it was proven that the Healthy Coconut Oil has many benefits on the humans’ health. Coconut oil is the preferred edible oils by many international health organizations, because it contains lauric acid, while other oils contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Coconut Oil may also be used as fuel or lubricant for different engines. In cosmetics, coconut oil is used to produce soaps, creams and stay at the base of other products. As you can see, Coconut Oil has many applications, and probably you already know that, and your company is looking for a place to buy crude coconut oil in large quantities.

Sari Mas Prime is the largest Coconut Oil Manufacturer in the world. Base in Indonesia, it started as a small coconut oil manufacturer. But over time, they have invested capital to increase the production of coconut oil. Today they are offering different products. RBD Coconut Oil is a light-yellow liquid. It is produced from crude coconut oil by refining, bleaching deodorizing it, hence the name RBD. Due to these processes, it is suitable for consumption. RDD Coconut Oil is used in cooking oil, for food processing and oleo chemical industries. The palm fatty acid distillate is a byproduct of the refining crude palm oil. It is solid at the room temperature, and it has the highest density in this state, therefore it is suitable for transportation over large distances. It is used for soaps, detergents and other cosmetic products. Sari Mas Prime also produces RBD Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate and BIB Coconut Oil.

You will not find a better place to buy coconut oil products, this is the largest Coconut Oil Indonesia company. Clients are very satisfied by the products they receive and the customer care.

About Sari Mas Prime:
 Sari Mas Prime was founded in 1978 as a crude coconut oil plant. It had only 10 employees that produced over 5 tons of coconut oil per day. Over 38 years of developing, it became the largest manufacturer of coconut oil. Today they have distribution centers on almost all continents in the world. Doing business with Sari Mas Prime you will be extremely satisfied.


Company: Sari Mas Permai

Address: Jalan Waru Gunung №23, Surabaya, East Java 60221, Indonesia


Phone: +62 31–766 2434, +62 31–766 6662


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