Week Four — Glocality

To me glocality means your physical existence living in your local community but having access to things from around the world like news, information, shopping and the latest episodes of my favourite TV shows months before they would be screened on a local TV network. I agree with Meyrowitz when he says about glocality being a fusion between the local and the global, but is there actually tension as he says between the local and the global? I can see there could be tension if cheap imports from around the globe flood in to our local market place and consequently local industries collapse and jobs are lost as a result.

For me personally I see glocality at its best at my local shops. The main street has a profusion of cuisines from around the world. There is a Russian delicatessen, a Polish café, an Indian restaurant, Indian food market, Asian food market, Lebonese fruit shop, a Japanese restaurant, numerous Korean restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Malaysian restaurants and pizza shops.

At my favourite Korean restaurant, honey chicken is on the menu and I’m pretty sure if I went to a restaurant in Korea, I wouldn’t find any honey chicken on the menu. To me this is glocality at work in my local shops. The Korean restaurant has added some things to the menu to suit local tastes. There are all so spring rolls available, I think every Asian restaurant I’ve ever been into (in Australia) has spring rolls on the menu, but I’m pretty sure that is only to satisfy the Aussie expectation of spring rolls and their love of fried food. Glocality strikes again, traditional food from across the globe adapted for the local palate.

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to spend some time in England and I was absolutely amazed to find hot chips on the menu of the Chinese café just down the street from where I was staying, I thought it was hysterical at the time, but now I can see it is a reflection of glocality, adapting an international menu to the demands of the local population.

Glocality gives us all the opportunity to be in our physical locality and experience intellectually and physically things from around the globe.



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