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Did you know that Valentine’s Day was a day designed for men to beat up their spouse? Valentine’s day was proclaimed a day when Saint Valentine, a religious leader in Rome, forbid warriors from seeing their wives after battle so he designed a day where they could, as others conclude that leaders held an Ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, celebrated annually on February 15, 496 B.C., after it was declared a day of love and, a Christian holiday, declaring February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day. It was celebrated on the 15th because saints did not want the celebration to interfere with the actual acts of Valentines Day. Valentine’s day was actually just a day of slapping wives in the stomach, and almost beating them to death, not a kindergarten candy exchange. This is because priests wanted the wives to have the better chance of having a strong and big child. They wanted this because they wanted the children, once old enough, to fight for the roman empire. In conclusion you can see that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just full of chocolate, it was more. Valentines Day expresses the how selfish people just because they wanted to have a bigger empire.

Valentine Fun Facts:

  • On Valentine’s Day, Japanese women are suppose to give men the Valentine, so they created something called White Day ( March 14) were men give women the gifts.
  • Many even believe of the Valentines Day Myth. The myth in which if you don’t tell your crush that you like them, you are cursed with the soul of Saint Valentine until the next Valentine’s Day. Over 30% of the United States believes it, do you believe in the myth?
  • Did you know that each Valentine’s Day over $700 MILLION is spent on pets alone, as for teachers, kids, and sweethearts which we spend over $2 BILLION!

Valentine Q & A :

At the end of the day I started to ask students various questions, as I also asked Ms.Fuesy.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day, was the question I asked many students.
This question didn’t have many answers but gave lots of obvious ones.
First I asked Jarron, Ashby, and Kyan, sixth-grade students, on there opinion on Valentine’s day. They responded with two words candy and drama.
I also asked Bailey Johnson a sixth-grade student who described it as just one word, love.

I also asked over 30 students and asked them if anyone asked them out on Valentine’s Day?
On average most of the student said no, as only 5 of the 30 actually said yes.

That shows that most likely only about 15% of the school asked out someone or someone asked them out.

Q 3. Lastly, I asked Ms.Fuesy about her valentine years and her feelings for it. She gave a wide smile and said “ The chocolate”. This surprised as she was not the only one who gave me that statement out of the other 20 students I asked.

To conclude I see that Valentine’s Day at Raa middle school to be very complex and fun.

-Isaiah Louis

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