Time Is Not Your Enemy, It Is Your Ally.

We live in a day and age, when everyone is on the move.

Balancing our time to work, relax, and do what gives us meaning can be a challenge.

We are inundated with text messages, notifications, and live news of global events. We are in a daily battle of attention, dividing our efforts even more; leaving goals not reached, and paths never traveled.

People often complain: If I had more time, I could do such and such.

We tend to make time this unwavering force that we fight against to do more, see more, and become more.

It’s only when we take a break from the bustle of life or get blindsided by unfortunate events that we get a sense of the truth:

Time is not the enemy. It’s the most valuable resource we have.

We can often forget and take for granted that we are lucky to be alive. We are able to live our own story and create a desirable ending.

The only real enemies that we have in life, are our own priorities and perspective.

If you had a limited amount of time left to live, what things would you stop doing, and what would you want to do more of?

The truth is that we have the time, but we can easily lose perspective of what truly matters to us.

Time is what gives what we do permanence. Day after day, time cements our actions and habits into lives and legacies we can leave behind.

A hundred years from now, virtually all of the people who are living today, will have passed on. The circle of life continues, and new people will rise up and live in our stead.

What will be your story?

There’s not much point in being a side character in your own story.

You have the opportunity to leave behind your lessons learned, traditions, and contribution to the next generation. Rise above the noise of today, and create your own story.

Live a fulfilling life on your terms. Find what makes you happy, and never let go. Do what you love and take the risks needed to make it worthwhile.

Don’t count the days. Make the days count. — Muhammad Ali