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A collague of casino games and cryptocurrency tokens

Cryptocurrency has become the wave of the future, and rightfully so. There are plenty of crypto casino choices out there that seem enticing, but how is one supposed to make sense of it all? Gambling has been an activity that humans love for a very long time, and historians tend to have trouble pin-pointing when the very first bet was actually made. In modern times we have the ability to gamble from the comfort of our homes, which is much better than having to slug over to an actual casino.

Not only can you gamble from your computer chair these days, but you don’t even have to use regular money. Cryptocurrency gambling is increasing in popularity as it isn’t capable of being tracked by traditional means, and it’s just nice to have a different avenue of games to turn towards. Finding a proper crypto gaming website isn’t easy, but this article is going to look at a few things that you should keep an eye out for throughout your search.

Of course, we’re going to make a few suggestions throughout the process. We have a list of three amazing casino choices to pick from but we’re going to wait until the end of this piece to list them — trust me when I say that you can count on my professional opinion.

What to Look for in a Crypto Casino

In order to find the best possible fit for your crypto gaming needs, you’ll have to weigh your options. When you know what to look for in a gaming website there is no way you can go wrong, as you’ve done the research needed to play your games without worry. Some of the most obvious traits that you need to consider in your optimal crypto casino website would be:

Funding/Payout Options

You need to be aware of both the funding and payout options available with the website you’re using. If a website only takes specific kinds of crypto as funding that needs to be considered, as only the cryptocurrencies that you’ve got a portfolio in will be viable. It wouldn’t make sense to sign up for a site that warrants you to make an additional crypto investment (unless that’s the sort of thing you’re into). You should also consider the payout process and whether or not you’re going to be paid in a prompt manner.

The best websites will make use of the more popular cryptocurrency choices on the market right now. Using obscure or “worthless” currency options is going to seem a bit shady, and it may just be a way to boost the cost of that particular crypto. You shouldn’t be gambling with obscure cryptos anyways! You’ll want a website that uses any of these cryptocurrency types:

ETH (Ethereum)
BTC (Bitcoin)
LTC (Litecoin)
Ripple (XRP)

You’re usually going to be buying a form of bet credit when you are playing cryptocurrency games, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you can directly deposit crypto funds into your account without the need to buy bet credits, but that’s also something to worry about.

For example, reputable websites like CasinoFair allow you to buy optimised gambling coins such as “FUN”, which can then be used to play their many casino games. The FUN can be cashed out into the Ethereum equivalent whenever you’d like.

Website Layout

Any crypto casino that is worth playing at will have a stellar website layout, much like the kind you would see at CasinoFair. It’s simple and sleek but gives the user enough direction to ensure that they’re able to play games with ease. There isn’t any clutter and there also isn’t an abundance of advertisements littered all over the place — one could argue that it’s “perfect”.

The website should load quickly for every single webpage, as pages that slowly load are a terrible thing to deal with while you’re gambling. Of course, the website layout isn’t going to determine whether or not the games are fair or high in quality. It should still let you know that the company running the website is serious about their online endeavors.

Quality of Games

The game selection that any given website has to offer is going to be the main selling point. If a website is loaded up with terrible games there won’t even be a reason to deposit funds into your account, as there is nothing enticing enough to warrant the investment. Not only that, but you have to find a website that isn’t going to completely screw over the customer. The world of crypto gaming as a whole can be shady if you aren’t careful, and there will always be a less than reputable website owner trying to separate you from your money.

The perfect example of high-quality games would, once again, be CasinoFair. It’s in the name of the website for a reason, as they offer the fairest crypto casino games that you can find on the internet. They’ve developed a blockchain technology that runs on Ethereum and ensures that every single game will be played in the fairest way possible. You read that right! There is no house advantage to be had and it’s been mathematically proven for every single game on the CasinoFair page.


The general reputation that a casino website has is going to speak volumes. You cannot trust a website that has negative reviews and it’s as simple as that. Any website that will provide you with a positive experience is more than likely going to offer up stellar reviews and have a strong presence online as a whole. While you want your crypto casino choice to be well-known, that doesn’t mean that smaller websites aren’t going to be a good fit; brand new casino cryptocurrency pages should never be overlooked completely.

Which Crypto Casino is the Best Choice?

As we stated earlier in the article, we’ve narrowed it down to three different choices. There are many casinos online to sift through and the average person won’t have time for all of that, which is precisely why I have taken it upon myself to do all of the hard work for you.

Each crypto casino that I’ve listed is going to have individual pros and cons to be considered, but I’m still going to number them from best to “not the best, but still pretty good!”.

CasinoFair — Ethereum-based crypto casino that claims to have the fairest games on the internet. From personal experience, it seems as if that claim is true. With quick payouts and easy funding options, this website makes it a joy to place bets, and all of the available promotions that they are running is just icing on the cake.

FortuneJack — FortuneJack is a website that runs on BTC and features an abundance of different games, as well as a live casino section. There are is a sports betting section on FortuneJack and while it’s a bit more versatile in that department, the games haven’t been “certified fair” as they are at CasinoFair.

Mbit — Yet another Bitcoin casino that features “over 2,000” games. The website layout is nice and the betting process is simple, although the games are a bit lackluster to some. While there are over 2,000 of them, most of the game options are just random slot titles. If you’re a fan of BTC slots, mBit is going to be a website that you visit quite often.

Conclusion: CasinoFair is the Winner!

Seeing as I have a very strong love Ethereum, there is no other option that I would have gone with. It’s a properly put together website that features some of the fairest games on the internet, which is what I want to see as a gambler.

When you’re placing bets online and risking real money on a virtual game, you can feel as if you’ve been cheated at times. Virtual Blackjack is the perfect example, as I can’t even remember how many times I’ve lost a hand and pondered whether or not they just scammed me out of my money.

For the most optimized and fair crypto games on the internet, I would have to say that CasinoFair is the obvious choice. The pros vastly outweigh the cons when it comes to CasinoFair and I love how they have developed a blockchain technology that no other website can make use of. It’s a completely independent experience that you’ll only receive by playing on CasinoFair!

Security is a big thing for me while gambling online, and CasinoFair provides that in abundance. I get paid easily and I’m able to deposit funds without a hassle, so the gaming process is a smooth one. It truly feels as if CasinoFair has hit the nail on the head with the way they are approaching their crypto gaming page.



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