Day 6, 9:15pm.

My son went to kindergarten today in his pajamas. It wasn’t pajama day, but sissy’s class was having a pajama party and he wanted to wear his, too. Why not? Won’t hurt anyone or keep him from learning, right?

So he walked into school today in his blue camouflage onesie pajamas, and right away, some kid started laughing at him.

My daughter turned around and took his hand, and told him, “Don’t worry about him. He’s just sad. He is living in the dark. So we have to be light and help change that.”

(Recounted to me by the school counselor when I picked them up this afternoon. )

This light… It’s been amazing watching it burn and work change here on Medium. But it’s even more exciting to see it move into our everyday lives; to see it working in our families and friends offline. Watching the changes as everyone begins to work for the greater good of all, and from their highest selves.

I affirm that I am light. Where there is darkness, I will shine.

I am a proud mama today. Thank you Tremaine L. Loadholt . Look at what you started.