Craft Special Cloud Budapest Meetup

Yesterday we got two very different insights into the challenges of today’s mindset changing. At Craft Special Cloud Budapest Meetup the speakers were two developers with amazing and also unique (especially in Hungary) experience. Christian Deger is a coding architect at AutoScout24, Greg Poirier is the CTO at

The first session was about a big transformation, rethinking and rebuilding of a huge company, called AutoScout24, the leader in Europe’s vehicle listings business. They started to demolish their enormous monolith: the data center, which is really a painpoint of the daily running of the business. It was interesting to hear Christian Deger’s (the architect of the company) opinion about the importance of reacting to the changing trends, the advantages of the Amazon Web Services compared to the data centers, and the the developers’ responsibility for the product. I have to say it’s another mindset compared to the attitude of most of the IT-guys here in Hungary. They are very adaptive and client focused, we could learn a lot from their experience.

Listening to the second speaker, Greg Poirier, it was obvious from the beginning, that this guy simply loves his job. He is working with Opsee from the first days, so he has a good experience of building up something from zero. They also use AWS environment, docker, and trendy technologies for developing every new features. My favorite statement of the session was “tutorials are all lies” — we got an honest insight to the challenge of learning something new.

After the presentations we had time for networking, pizza and beer in the cool office of LogMeIn. By the way, if you are interested in software craftmanship, presenting which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, I highly recommend you to visit Craft conference starting tomorrow: you won’t be disappointed!

Cheers, Gergő

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