The decline of free speech

I believe in the freedoom of speech. I’ve been looking for the perfect platform where I can share my options without someone judging me or texting that what the hell I was thinking when I wrote the “ X Y Z” on Facebook. Everybody is blogging nowadays, everyone has a blog, but my not a blogger. If I want to share a picture, I use Instagram, If I want to find someone I use Facebook, but after so many disappointing comments I realised that Facebook is not the place where I’m free to share my thoughts.

The world we live in wants you to keep your mouth shut and get in the line. I feel the constant pressure to be poltically correct all the time. I can’t share my thought on my Facebook page, because what if my boss sees it, what if people I don’t really even know will judge me. The information flow is so fast nowadays that your brain can’t process all the informations you hear, read or watch within one day. Hillary Clinton said that gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights. I’m thrilled that America took a step forward, but it seems that the world took three steps backwards.
I got the impression that whatever we say it will hurt people, people will feel offended in some way, even when I express myself about a specific thing but in totally general, people take it in very personal level and I don’t understand why it’s good for them. They say “ if the cap fits wear it” but if doesn’t fit then what is they problem? I couldn’ help it wonder If the freedoom of speech only exsits in theory, is there any place where I’m free to say whatever I want? Or the freedoom of speech only come true behind doors?

When you’re young, you have to learn how to distinguish between right and wrong. Your parents tell you to be well-behaved, only talk people when ask you and if they ask you choose your words wisely. Most of the parents
( respect for the exceptions) shut down they children, when they were dare to have an option. So we grow and grown under that censor and never get the opportunity to express oursleves. In high school the teacher order you to stay true to the given topics when it comes about essay writing for example. I’m in collage now, I don’t experience better then that.
I am a witness to the bureaucracy of the university very day, last semester I had to study a thousand pages philosophy book which was my teacher’s own published work. The book started from Platon to nowadays philosophers, when the text detailed the 19th century, my teacher in a philosophical,sociological point of view she referred to the LGBTQ community as “ viral plague” now I’m asking you is this normal?
My first reaction was while I was reading that sentence that I reached for my phone and called my classmate “A” if she read that chapter yet, because I can’t believe what I’m reading. She confirmed that she sees the same line and she is in a shock. I got so angry, I went on Facebook, and I wrote the following” It’s 3 am in the morning, I am still studying, because I have philosophy exam at 10am and I just read the following sentence in my teacher’s published book and I copy-paste the sentence, didn’t write any other comments below. My friends on Facbook were shocked, didn’t understand how could a teacher write such thing. A week after my exam, my parents got a call from the head master of the collage that how dare I write such thing on facebook and humilating the teacher?! I was like what the fuck? How humiliating was for me to concentrate on my exam when a homophbic slut was sitting on other side of the table. I still don’t understand what was they issue, because like I said I didn’t curse or wrote any disrespectful adjectives about the teacher I just simply copied what she wrote and commented that this is what I have to learn by heart for today’s exam.

I would like to reach out to all of you, share our thought, options, ideas with each other. Follow me I follow back, share each others articles and don’t let the people to suppress us.

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