1 Year, 1 Radio Station & 13 Million Likes


A radio station located in Lebanon, operated by Virgin, has successfully marketed to the hardest demographic to reach; teenagers.

You may not know them. Heck, even with 13 million likes, no one knows who they are or what they do. Virgin Radio Lebanon uploads photos and videos that relate to the teenage demographic. Yup, that’s all they do.

They have the highest engagement and reach of any Facebook page worldwide and their page likes triple their own country’s population. How do they do it?

Teen Admin

It’s an on-going joke that is commented of every post of theirs, which by the way reach millions of people and have anywhere from 100,000+ likes, that the photos and videos they upload is actually curated from a teenage admin.

They have mastered the, what I like to call, “clean relatable taggable meme”. Consisting of a white background and title describing the relatable picture below it.

Here are a few examples (these posts have been uploaded for ~15 hours):

188K Likes & 7.4K Shares https://www.facebook.com/VirginRadioLebanon/photos/a.355063757936301.1073741826.275155342593810/2619696544806333/?type=1&theater
177K Likes & 20K Shares https://www.facebook.com/VirginRadioLebanon/photos/a.355063757936301.1073741826.275155342593810/2619693201473334/?type=1&theater
276K Likes & 10K Shares https://www.facebook.com/VirginRadioLebanon/photos/a.355063757936301.1073741826.275155342593810/2621188264657161/?type=1&theater
294K Likes & 11K Shares https://www.facebook.com/VirginRadioLebanon/photos/a.355063757936301.1073741826.275155342593810/2619704741472180/?type=1&theater

Okay! Enough of these photos and to the point of how and why they have this much attention!

  • Head Start: They've already an established brand. Starting off with a solid following, in this case; an audience of a national radio station definitely gave them a boost.
  • Teen Admin: They have someone working for them that is a teenager or a teenager stuck in an adults body. These posts are so on point, teens eat this content up and love to share relatable posts like these.
  • The Tag Effect: Over the past years, the comments on Facebook under a post have been predominantly tags. It is the easiest way to let a friend see what you’re seeing in real-time. I see a post, I tag one friend, they tag 3 other friends and it ends up sharing the post to hundreds of people; just through one tag.
  • Timing: Perfect time to post photos of this style. When Facebook started, it was all text. Five years later, it’s all photos. 5 Years later, it’s all videos and sort-of photos. Photo’s (memes, relatable, funny) on Facebook were getting dull and the news feed felt cluttered. This style of a clean caption, small sized photo and white background to blend in with the news feed was the secret sauce to their master plan. This made photos feel modern, feel share-able and be visually pleasing.
  • Simplicity: It is truly eye catching when scrolling down a feed, a relatable caption and a picture.

There it is, easy as 123. There’s no professional marketing strategy that made them get to 13 million likes on Facebook, it was all organic reach. If you really think about it, it’s very smart. Instead of word of mouth, it’s tag of mouth advertising; where you let the consumers spread the word about your content instead of paying a system to do that for you that will end up receiving little to no engagement (because no one likes ads). Speaking of engagement, why do they have the highest user engagement in the world? They’re content is for teenagers, teens love to over share, like every status and tag all their friends.

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