“We March”

I am usually slow to respond to new movies and TV shows, so because of my slow reaction, I only started to watch the Game of Thrones about three weeks ago. I found it to be very interesting and that it is in the “my type of shows” category and since then I have been binge watching it for most of the time when I’m free. I was a having a conversation with my friends about progressing with you goals in life, as we were discussing about giving I got reminded of a scene in the Game of Thrones tv series. In this scene Sir Davos was advising Stannis Baratheon to retreat to Castleblack because it was nolonger feasible for them to continue with their march to Winterfell. It was snowing and the army was facing many challenges including sickness. Stannis gave a respinse that I liked so much, he said “we march forward to victory or defeat but we march forward.” He went on to explain why if they retreat it would turn to be worse. What I liked was the belief that we should not retreat we would rather march forward to defeat than to try and be comfortable with an unpleasant reality that will only deter us in achieving our goals. This only reminded me that when things get tough but you can still march forward, march forward even to defeat.

Why would it be important to march to defeat? Because perhaps it is only through failure and defeat that we probably learn better than when succeed.

We march forward to victory or defeat.