Live your own damn way. You don’t have to follow the rules.
J. Westenberg

It’s scary to chase what you truly want.

It’s also lonely.

But it’s so worth it.

People think that with my skill set (humanitarian, fluent in 5 languages and mediocre in regards to Spanish, years of experience as a language mediator), I’m crazy to pursue a biomedical engineering degree. They say I have too much “artistic sensibility” for that. That I’m already set for life and I should choose an easy way that builds on my strengths.

I refuse to be “small”.

I want to connect different worlds, science and arts. My job is to convey what very different people mean, not what they say. I’m pretty good at that, so I don’t see why shouldn’t I be able to do that in this context.

I’m not quitting my artistic side, nor studying languages. I belong to both worlds, although the people on each side may not agree.

I’m too artistic for scientists and too rigorous for the artists.

And I won’t ever apologize for that.

I also do some modeling, teach languages and science to teenagers as a private tutor, dance and experiment with sports.

We have only one life and I’m taking as much as I can from it. I’m just a 21 years-old female immigrant with a not ideal financial situation and a family that doesn’t understand…. so if I can, so can you.

Be brave