The most important skill in making large scale change in reality is forming and nurturing symbiotic relationships. This skill has many sub-skills some of the most impactful of which are:

Awareness: The ability to effectively gather information through every tool you have available. This awareness also requires awareness of your self. If you don’t know what your deepest ways to experience blessing are, then you don’t know where to move toward.

Systems: The awareness that all things are networks of inputs and outputs, being able to understand how a network functions regardless of its context is wildly useful in all situations.

Communication: Accurate information is needed to make optimal decisions. Others ability to benefit you is limited by your ability to communicate your desires and to support the other in communicating their own.

Release: As you continue to get more information and better tools to process it, reevaluating things is a necessity. All tools have unforeseen outputs. Reevaluation will sometimes tell you that something is net harmful and is no longer what you need to move in your path.

Emergence: Understanding how wildly inputs change when applied at a massive scale. All things are built of an incredible amount of more microcosmic pieces. All things build greater macroscopic beings. This also includes the need to be persistent, different more beneficial values may appear with a greater scale of number of attempts.

Integration: No matter how abundant the blessings are within your network, they provide limited value until integrated. If a person chooses not to eat, they can starve on a bed of food.

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