I deleted my Tumblr because my writing had become self-indulgent, and shit-posting on a website that I signed up for when I was 15, as a 22 year old, was verging on corny.

As I once drunkenly slurred while thinking of a clever instagram caption for a selfie, I am a lot of things but I try not to be corny.

Naturally, instead of learning to navigate my emotions in a productive manner, I just switched over to another medium (lol) through which to seek external validation for my (mostly) inconsequential, self-inflicted problems. Publishing half-assed articles replete with vulgar language and truisms has become a coping mechanism that I hope, after my brief hiatus, won’t once again devolve into a compulsive need to overstate problems, overshare details, and overlook solutions.

Right now feels like an appropriate time to invest myself in passion projects, and make public its products, without the restrictions imposed by past embarrassments or concern for its future reception.

My college graduation warrants a blog post, on a new platform.

This is all a metaphor for something.