Bustin’ Makes Boys Feel Sad — Why Ghostbusters is So Hated
Ashley Lynch

It’s funny, that Ghostbusters logo giving the finger is actually right, Feminists DO always make it about them. Anytime anything is remotely related to gender they have to make a big fucking deal about it. I think a lot of the negative reaction isn’t even misogynistic, it’s anti-feminist. Which is reasonable. Feminists are generally super obnoxious. Can’t we just be for equality without cramming gender issues down everyone’s throat every chance we get? The problem with this Ghostbusters movie is it’s trying too hard to be pro-woman instead of just having women characters in it in an unforced way. It’s the same way Spike Lee tries to be pro-African American and against racism, but just comes across as racist and anti-white with his over-the-top characters and forced racism in his storylines. If you want to be against racism, make a movie where the different races exist equally and their physical differences aren’t even a thing….don’t accentuate their differences and make that a problem in the story. The same goes for sexism. Can’t they just have a mixed cast of men and women and not even address it? The fact that they had to go all girl-power with their cast is what’s causing a negative reaction. It’s the same negative reaction most people have to aggressive feminism that chooses to make everything a feminist issue when it’s not. Ghostbusters shouldn’t have been a feminist movie. It should have just been a Ghostbusters movie with some female leads in it.

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