Suicide is strictly Prohibited (حَرَام‎) in Islam

Follow Islamic Teachings in its True Spirit

Islam is one of the oldest religions in this world which first time introduce the terms of Peace, harmony, justice, Human rights in this world. To convey the true teachings in which all aspects of this world and after this world is hidden ALLAH sent 124000 Prophets in this world to brighten the hearts of human being. Every Prophet of GOD emphasized to follow Islam in its True spirit and to avoid all those matters which are prohibited because all these matters are the way of Satan which leads towards Hell.

This Article focuses on a Suicide which is strictly banned in Islam. Our Approach towards it and solutions to get rid of tensions which lead to suicide.

What is Suicide?

Suicide means to intentionally kill oneself because of some problem like tension etc. They think in this way they get eternal peace.

Suicide Banned in Islam:

ALLAH created humans the best creature in this universe. It is because we humans are given millions and millions of qualities by ALLAH. One of the best quality of humans is they have the ability to think.

At each step Prophets of ALLAH and Islamic teachings in Quran enlighten the importance of life. It is precious gift of GOD to us. It is our extreme duty to protect this precious gift.

Incidents of Suicide are well increased in this world even in Muslim societies. Suicide is prohibited in Islam and the person who suicides is just like that it dies without Islam in his heart a way leading to hell. They think eternal peace will come after that. But they are not aware that real problem starts after their death which will be unbearable for them. Till judgment day his punishment is in a way he killed himself.

Reasons behind that Non Islamic Activity:

Suicide is increasing in our societies because our faith on ALLAH is weakened. We start thinking nowadays Quran recitation, 5 time prayers and other Islamic rituals are of no use only suicide is way to get peace.

Some fools suicide because they are attracted toward this glamorous world like we heard in news daily a girl suicide because of a boy ask that foolish girl on judgment day whom you will answer ALLAH or this boy and vice versa.

There is nothing for these types of people except hell on judgment day. In addition to this some poor girls suicide in fear of societies and his relatives bad words because somebody do abusive action with her. Don’t get afraid of these bad words have strong faith on ALLAH. Always remember ALLAH is watching every one. But if society which mostly occurs forced her in way of bad words to suicide than it is not suicide it is a murder. This example is important to mention here because our society mix these type of incidents also with suicide.

Solutions to avoid thinking of Suicide:

Strong Faith on ALLAH:

A person who has strong faith on ALLAH will never get these stupid thinking’s in his mind. To strengthen your faith on ALLAH Follow Islam in its True spirit like

Quran Recitation:

Daily Quran recitation will give a person’s heart and mind spiritual comfort which is lacking in our society. But be careful always recite Quran with Tajweed. If you don’t know about Tajweed learn Quran Tajweed firstly through Tajwid Al Quran App as ALLAH commanded in Surah Muzammil to recite Quran with Tarteel. It is because better you recite Quran greater the advantages you gain from it.

Offer 5 time Prayer:

Prayers are compulsory for every Muslim. It definitely helps to solve your problems which are pinching you.

These two are the main ways to strengthen faith on ALLAH. It is because once your faith on ALLAH strengthens this type of Non Islamic thinking’s will even not come near to you.


If you has thinking of suicide please avoid it. It is because this life is two day story real life will start after death. Don’t destroy your both worlds on the sake of love, tension etc. Always remember after life questions are strict take tension how to prepare in a best way rather than how to get material comfort. To read more Islamic Articles follow us on Islamic Passage

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