Computer Science Student Opportunities

Conferences, fellowship, and training are very beneficial to students, here are some upcoming opportunities.

Last year I attended Great Minds in STEM HENAAC conference*, Out for Undergrad Tech Conference* (LGBT students), and Code 2040’s Tech Trek* (Black and Latinx students).

Code 2040 Tech Trek 2017 Cohort at PayPal

Most conferences have a scholarships to cover accommodations (hotel) or/and air travel. Look for these opportunities. I have indicated conferences with a * if they cover part or all of the expenses. In addition, your school probably a department(s) that might be able to sponsor, you just have to apply. If you have questions or need help with this you can contact me via twitter @IsmaelRGV.

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference*

The Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference*

Society of Women Engineers National Conference


Here are some of the benefits

  • Networking
  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Training
  • Skill building

Read about my experience at Code2040 Tech Treck where I visited companies and met software engineers working in San Francisco.

Internship opportunities:

  • Facebook University of Freshmen and Sophomores CLOSED (Jan-Feb) link
  • Twitter OPEN (Closed) link
  • Amazon for Freshmen Internship OPEN (due April 21) link
  • Goldman Sachs Sophmores OPEN DUE April 7 link
  • SquareUp (Apply Now) for Women link
  • Code2040’s internship for Black and Latino undergrad computer science students is taking applications through November 19th, 11:59pm (PDT). The internship will take place next summer at companies like Snapchat, Box, and many more. Follow Code2040.

Sad about missed opportunities with closed applications? Sign up for updates from the sponsoring organizations and follow them on social media so you can get an update when their applications open again next year.

Share these opportunities with social media network and students who would benefit.

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