TFE17 #2.5


This week I was not able to progress as much as I wanted. I had numerous discussions with potential sponsors, none of them were really interested in helping me out. But somehow I came along a website from the Netherlands where I got in touch with their support via live chat. We talked about the different printers they sold, I then talked about my plans and about the technical details and I finally found a printer.
I then also managed to work out a little deal with them. I got a free spool of filament and adhesive for free (worth: ~35$). In addition, we talked about a possible strategic partnership as soon as my site goes online. I’m now waiting for the printer to be shipped. In addition, in order to function the printer via WiFi and make it accessible on the Internet I also needed a Raspberry Pi to connect with the printer, I ordered one of these as well.

Tools which I could fork from ?

During my research I found a few tools that has similar features to those that I want for my project. First of all there is: Octoprint a web interface that you can connect with you printer (only locally). But I already found threats that talk about a possible online connection. Maybe I could use this as a base for my own project. I also found 2 other similar tools (Astroprint and opengb). Astroprint is looking really good and it is based on Octoprint, but I will only be able to see how good it is when I can test it on my setup.

To sum up: with Octoprint & Astroprint I will have the possibility to install OctoPi or AstroBox on my Rasberry Pi in order to communicate with the Printer. I then hope that I can take these and modify them thus I can create my own interface around it. If I do not manage to do that, I will be screwed.

During the meantime, I tried to learn more about G-Code and Python in order to be ready as soon as I get my setup. I also started working on the IA and on a brand identity for the final website.

I feel like I’m not progressing as fast as I wish, I’m now waiting for my printer & Raspberry Pi to be delivered. As soon as I get them I will have some concrete things to play with. Hopefully it will work out. (If it doesn’t I will pause this part and work out everything else and finish it at the end.)

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