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I think there’s also a bit of fear of the unknown and unpredictable happening. Kaepernick took a knee and caused a stir while Obama was president and the Democratic candidate for office was seen as comfortably ahead.

Now we have a completely different national environment, and people far less recognizable than Kaepernick are committed to resisting Trump all day, every day. I don’t think team owners want him shown on TV in their uniform on the sideline on game day, not knowing what he might come up with in terms of making a statement in the current climate.

I remember the discomfort among league and TV executives when Jim McMahon started adding messaging to his headbands. I think a similar fear is part of what’s in play with Kaepernick, but on a broader scale.

Memo to Mark Davis: disregard Kaepernick and pray that Derek Carr doesn’t get hurt again at your own peril.

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