My [fragmented] [non-professional]Thoughts (opinion) on Healthcare Reform

Here are my random thoughts from a midnight pondering. I am licensed health insurance agent and my wife is a nurse, but by no means am I an expert in healthcare. We just like to argue about it. I don’t know if I even believe my ideas are valid or plausible. They’re just ideas I’m [barely] contributing to the conversation.

We are America and we are built on freedom.

I don’t think anyone should be required to pay for someone else’s healthcare.

Healthcare should cost money. And healthcare should not be paid for by the government. Food and water are required to live but the government doesn’t pay for or subsidize that.

Doctors visits and even most surgery is very reasonably priced.

Hospital stays, medical equipment, and medication are practically robbing people blind.


Costs for medical equipment for hospitals, drug development, as well as medical research and development are astronomical for little reason outside of the expenses involved in becoming compliant with regulations (and greed/capitalism). 
(Shell oil and Sony Electronics have tons of engineers and R&D, but we can still get gas for less than $3/gal and a computer for less than $300.)

[Steps toward a] Solution

The government’s job is not to just coordinate paying for taking care of its citizens. Rather it is its job to govern the people and society in an effort to advance the health, safety, and inter-relations of the citizens.

Doctors costs and surgery costs are mostly fair. There needs to be regulation on the percentage of charge and amount hospital and doctor make. Doctors and facilities should be compensated fairly, but not astronomically.

Anything used to produce equipment or products for medical use must be:

  • Open sourced (non-proprietary) — to promote sharing of knowledge in order to advance medicine nationwide. Avoid proprietary knowledge to reduce costs and grow community. This is the care of humanity, not the free market of optional entertainment or luxuries.
  • Not-for-profit — a company can cover (regulated?) costs but cannot charge more based on proprietary knowledge or for share holders profits. Profits on top of regulated cost of doing business spend must be put back into the company to reduce costs.

Government should just provide regulatory services for the regulation of the entire medical field, medical equipment manufacturing and sale, and medical personnel through tax funding and minimal fees (needs to run not for profit). GOVERNment.

This will significantly reduce the costs of medications, equipment, and hospital charges, which are the main points of major expenses in health care.

People can and should pay a fair price for preventative medicine, doctor’s services, and hospital services. Again, we pay for food and water, we should have pay to take care of our bodies.

(however, if the government just told us we were all getting free healthcare but also taxes were going up but didn’t directly tell us we were being forced to contribute to paying for everyone’s healthcare, we’d probably be just fine with it and a lot less up tight.) <- that’s not the answer and definitely not ok. We’re just all prone to having opinions on things we’re not actually too concerned about just because someone asked if we had an opinion. I don’t have a formed opinion on fast food salads, but if you ask me I definitely will come up with something….

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