Turn Your Passion Into Profits

I’m Not Telling You It’s Going To Be Easy, I’m Telling You It’s Going To Be Worth It

At first I was scared, I was lost I did not know where to start, all I wanted was to travel the world but money and time were a huge issue. I was so frightened and had no idea where to begin so after a while I just was not taking action, I was petrified, I had no guidance, I was just a lost soul. But I found a solution, I found how to turn passion into profit so I could afford a life where I can explore the world but most of all something that gives me TRUE happiness.

To understand where I am you need to know where I come from. In 2011 I joined the Royal Canadian Navy and for a while this was the best decision of my life but after looking at the people surrounding me I did not see myself in that organization anymore I was not happy with all the negativity that revolved around me. I had a lot of money for my age but I was not free and those night at sea far away from my friends and family were crushing me. I lost all my happiness, it used to be the most important thing in the world for me. Remember that the only person you can change is yourself so I quit that life and hit the ground financially. Has a young 23 years old with a condo and no job it is hard to survive on your own. So I decided to go back home and live with my parents instead of going bankrupt and homeless.

After this life changing experience I decided to invest in myself I grabbed all the knowledge I could get my hands on I watched countless hours of webinar, I looked for a long-term solution, I read books after books and articles after articles about stuff I liked and stuff that would help me reach my goal. I decided to improve on every aspect of my life, I decided to live and explore the world and that’s the goal I set for myself. It is not easy to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix but it is possible with hard work and dedication. With the knowledge I gathered I was able to start writing about subject I like, things I am passionate about, things that can set me free.

I had to change my path in order to be happy, but I did not know which one to take all I knew was that deep inside me I wanted to be able to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and an internet connection. I wanted a plan, something solid that brings me stability. It is easy to save money six month and travel for six month and there is nothing wrong with that you will experience so much and will have so many stories to tell but you are going to need stability at some point and while it’s never too late the earlier you start the better. It might seems CRAZY or too simple but a lot of people do travel the world while working with a simple laptop a couple of hours a day. You do not need to be in an office from eight to five all your life YOU can decide what you want to do and YOU can choose to turn your passion into profits.

If you want to be free and travel the world while getting paid and do anything YOU want to do, you need to make some change, you need to grow has a person, you need to make sacrifices, it will not be easy, but it sure has hell will be worth it. People are scared of failing but little that they know is that you never fail until YOU GIVE UP. Those wise words are SO important you cannot give up at any cost because then you actually fail. You need to take action, it’s okay to be scared, to be petrified but you need to improve, you need to make those baby step’s and everyday put some time and effort towards your goal. Some think they do not have time to do that. But they are WRONG, you do not need to have the time, you need to TAKE the time whether it’s 30 min or an hour, this is not a race, it’s a marathon you need to be consistent, you need to put some time EVERYDAY. At first you will not make any money, it takes time, but with the right mindset and tools you can achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

You do not need to quit your job right now or whatever you are doing, you can start and turn your passion into profit and hustle on the side for has long has you need to. All the information is out there, a lot of that information is FREE so you can start with close to nothing. The path I chose to make money online is by actually helping others and it makes me feel great, what I do has a purpose and every time I invest in my company I think of all the people I can help. If you want to learn more I wrote an EBook that gather all the useful information so YOU can get started all you have to do is go to www.WorkNTravel.net/free-affiliate-ebook and claim your FREE EBook.

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