Israel Is A Rock Of Stability In A World Gone Mad

If you think Israel will just sit back and let itself be destroyed, you should think again.

Insanity has been defined, perhaps quite ironically, as “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Well, have I got news for you. Evil leaders have tried to destroy the democratic country of Israel time after time. Each time they failed. Yet they continue to try. They must expect to be victorious, or else why would they invest so much resources and manpower to doing the same thing again? Yet the fail. Again and again. According to the above definition, they may be insane.

Yet Israelis are forced to deal with terror threats every day. The attackers may be crazy, but regular Israelis are forced to pay the price. Now the time has come for Israel to take action. The video below shows something shocking. It shows Israeli Prime Minister making a clear declaration at the UN. And he isn’t afraid to stand up and say it.

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