Israeli Inventions Have Changed Your Life — And You Didn’t Even Know It

I’m guessing that when people think of Israel, the first thought that comes to mind is something negative. Perhaps about conflict. And rights. Those can be debated ad nauseam, and I do plan on adding factual information to the polemic (not merely emotional tear-jerker stories) to hopefully put an end to the rumors. Stay tuned for that post.

But for now, let’s set aside our preconceived notions. Debates have the ability to persist as people add fuel to the fire without achieving results. So instead, let’s look at something productive. Let’s look at how Israel is improving quality of life — not only for Israelis, but for everyone — all over the world.

Credit: Creative Commons

Because the fact is that Israel is making the world a better place. These wonderful inventions can be found in so many places. At your clinic. In your office. Or at a social function. And I bet that you have benefited from Israeli inventions. Perhaps your parents or children’s lives were impacted by these Israeli inventions. So take a look and enjoy this video about Israeli inventions. Women will find the last one very interesting.