Jewish Gaza Was Destroyed 11 Years Ago

This is the saddest video I ever made. I wish I never had to create it. But I was actually there. I witnessed this all! And it is still so depressing to think that this happened.

Witnessing the last hours of Netzer Hazani

21 whole communities destroyed. They stood for 3 generations, 30 years, and today they are gone, back to being the sand as they were built on.

Close to 10,000 people lost their homes, their farms, their jobs. Can you imagine if this would happen to you and your community?

11 years ago the State of Israel decided to destroy 21 Jewish communities in Gaza as a step to try to bring peace. This gives you a glimpse of what those people who lived there experienced on that very last day.

Don’t miss this emotional video that documents the last moments of this unbelievable Jewish community of Gush Katif, Gaza.

It’s hard to imagine, but when I produced this video in the summer of 2005 there was no youtube! No Facebook, no Twitter etc. The only social media at the time was email. And yet, this video was seen over 50,000 times in just 2 weeks!

For the historical information on the Jewish connection to Gaza click here:

Don’t let anyone tell you that Jews have no connection to Gaza!