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Jews Have Lived In Israel For More Than 3,000 Years

And we have every reason to be proud of it.

Israel is a wonderful country, truly a miracle. Surrounded by enemies, Jews have returned to their biblical home to live in the Promised Land. They developed the desert land and made it a beacon of light in a violent Middle East. Israel became a lifeboat of democracy for Jews and Arabs, believers and atheists, for anyone who wants to live with the highest levels of human rights and civil liberties.

Do people in the Czech Republic tell the American president how to act? Do people in Norway tell Americans how to tax? Of course not. That would be ridiculous and out of line. Yet for some crazy reason, American leaders feel free to criticize the the wonderful state of Israel. Israel, which has the highest levels of human rights. Where has their moral compass gone? (If only they would devote as much energy to stopping the Syrian war, the world would be a much better place).

But we know the truth. And Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu said it clearly in this video to a group of American tourists. If you enjoyed it and would like more daily videos from Israel Video Network, click here: