Liberal Extremists Are Destroying Us From Within

In today’s world, 2 + 2 = 5. George Orwell would have been proud.

When I was a child, I went with my family to see a performance by a hypnotist. This was more than 20 years ago and I still remember the show. The hypnotist, let’s call him “Bob,” did a great job. He invited members of the audience on stage and hypnotized them causing them to believe crazy things, which they completely believed and acted out. The audience volunteers did funny things, embarrassing things, all out of character.

There are two acts that stand out: First, Bob invited a man to come to the stage, and convinced him that a plastic cup was really a special lens that allowed him to see everyone in their underwear. A sort of Superman x-ray vision thing. This man would furtively take glances around the room during the show with the plastic cup. The second act involved my mother (who volunteered), and Bob had her say something so out of character that I knew Bob must be the real deal. This was no prepared act; my mother was truly hypnotized to say what she did, and the man was truly hypnotized to believe that the cup gave him x-ray vision. I knew Bob and his volunteers weren’t faking it. At the end of the show, Bob snapped his fingers and the volunteers lost their hypnotic trance. The man with the plastic cup sheepishly replaced it on the table (after one final glance through it that disappointed him), and the other volunteers returned to their seats, some embarrassed, some giggling, some asking, “What am I doing here?” and “When will the show start”?

Of course that was merely a performance and it finished an hour after it started. What is truly scary are the strong ideas that people believe today, as if they are in a trance. There are people who will argue until they are blue in the face that the Earth is flat. Or that Dr. House is a real person. Or that it’s okay to rape someone because it’s part of the rapist’s religious beliefs.

And we, the American public, blindly nod our heads and say, “That’s interesting. Of course I can’t judge you, heaven forbid… Oops, I didn’t mean to involve religion. What I meant to say is that everyone is different, we are a tolerant society, and everyone is entitled to their beliefs, so I accept that you believe _____ and there is nothing wrong with it.” And fill in the blank with “beheading” or “raping” or whatever crazy thing you want.

And so, we arrive at the absurd conclusion that I am a 6"2 white man with glasses and brown hair, but when I tell you that I am really a house cat in China who spends summers in Africa, some people would say, “I accept that.” Has the world gone mad?

Yes. At least part of it. Here is the proof:

The question is: Are you a person who believes these crazy ideas? Are you absurdly tolerant, or can you call a spade a spade? I hope you can see the truth.

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