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Roots Of The Middle East Conflict Exposed

The truth about Israeli settlements, violence, and hockey sticks

It seems like forever that people claim, “Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace. They are stealing Palestinian Arab land”.

This widely accepted position has 2 major flaws:

  1. Even if a town was illegal, does that give people permission to stab Jewish babies in their sleep? There are many territorial conflicts around the world, but people there don’t stab others, don’t blow up people. Both the UK and Mauritius claim Chagos Archipelago, but do you see them conducting bus bombings? Ireland and the UK both dispute the Lough Foyle boundary, but they don’t stab children on the street. Both Denmark and Canada (Oh, Canada!) claim Hans Island, but you don’t see Canadians slashing Danes to death with hockey sticks. There are ways to settle disputes without violence.
  2. If the claim that “settlements are an obstacle to peace and are the source of violence” were to be true, then it would logically follow that if there would be no settlements, then there would be no violence. In other word, no settlements = peace. This claim is also false. Israel became a state in 1948, yet in 1929, nearly two decade before the State of Israel even existed, Arab Muslims were slaughtering Jews. There was no State of Israel then. There were no Israeli settlements then. So why did so many Arab Muslim kill so many Jews?!? I dare you to say “Israeli settlements”.

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