The Biggest Lie Coming From The Palestinian Leadership About Israel

Don’t get sucked in!

There are many lies and deceptions in the Middle East, however none are as pervasive as the Big Lie. It so is expansive that it has even crossed the ocean and brainwashed millions of innocent Americans.

It has gotten into the heads of our leaders, it has saturated the media and it has influenced so many people. Hopefully you, Dear Reader, are not brainwashed.

So what is it that has infected so many good people? The Big Lie is that the Palestinian Leadership wants peace with Israel.

“That’s nonsense, they want peace”, people say. Well, they are believing the Big Lie. In 2000, Israel presented a peace plan to the Palestinian Leadership, offering all of Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria (also known as the “West Bank”) from the historic biblical Jewish homeland. Palestinian leader (and arch-terrorist) Yasser Arafat declined this offer.

Image credit: Creative Commons

Why did Arafat refuse this attempt to make peace? Chief US negotiator Ambassador Dennis Ross explains that,

We had one critical clause in this agreement, and that clause was, this is the end of the conflict. Arafat’s whole life has been governed by struggle and a cause. Everything he has done as leader of the Palestinians is to always leave his options open, never close a door. He was being asked here, you’ve got to close the door. For him to end the conflict is to end himself.

Guess what happened when the Palestinian Leadership turned away from peace? That’s right, the Second Intifada began, when countless Palestinian terror attacks killed thousands of Israelis in suicide bombings, cafe bombings and bus bombings.

Masked Palestinian Terrorists. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Again in 2008, after extensive talks, the Israeli Prime Minister met with the Palestinian President and presented a comprehensive peace plan. After 35 meetings of negotiations, the Palestinian President rejected the peace offer because, according to the Times of Israel, he “wasn’t able to study the map.” Great excuse.

So if they don’t want peace, what do they want? They say it clearly on their documents, on their websites. The answer is chilling and surprising, and you can see it in plain English in this short, revealing film.

I’m sure there are Palestinian Arabs who want to live in peace. Unfortunately their leadership doesn’t think so. The lie is that Palestinian leadership wants peace. The reality is that the Palestinian leadership wants to tear Israel to pieces.

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