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These Are The Muslim Women Who Are Paid To Accost Jews

They yell, rant, and scream in name of Islam. Hope the salary is worth it to act like total fools.

The Temple Mount is home to the holiest place in Judaism. It is the place where King Solomon, leader of the Jewish nation, built the Holy Temple nearly 3000 years ago. About 1,400 years ago Mohammed had a dream, and some Islamic commentators interpret the dream to mean that he visited the Temple Mount, and so Muslims view it as the third holiest place in Islam.

After Israel retook the Jewish Temple Mount from the Jordanians in the 1967 Six Day War, Israel enabled anyone to go visit there — not just Muslims, but also Jews. What a wonderful idea!

Of course, this greatly upset some people who (1) refuse to acknowledge that Jews were there first - about 1,600 years before Moe was even in diapers. And (2) they act like bullies and can’t share.

Some radical Muslims are getting paid a nice salary from the Islamic Movement to harass Jews who go and visit the Temple Mount. This group of harassers (and who sometimes resort to physical violence) is known as the “Murabitat”.

Many Jews feel intimidated by the verbal and physical harassment. And rightly so. But one Jewish man had a totally different response to the Muslim harrasment. I think you’ll enjoy it. Check it out!

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