This Shocked Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu to the Core!

It isn’t easy to shock Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He’s “been around the block” a few times, having served as a soldier and officer in Israel’s elite commando unit and then actign as Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister, ever! So, I’m sure he has seen a lot. Yet this video shocked him to the core.

Israeli PM Netanyahu is Shocked to the Core

I would say that the most shocking thing about the video PM Bibi Netanyahu is talking about is that the world is not shocked!

Why is it just Israel that is disgusted by the horrendous incitement parents, educators and the all Palestinian Authority channels and media give over to their children? Where is the world outcry against this horrendous child abuse, using their children as sacrifices, educating them to hate, kill and be killed, all in order to destroy Isreal?

No, peace is impossible as long as they teach their children to hate and kill. Until that changes, no international pressure will ever bring peace to our region.

Please watch the video and share with all, so hopefully Israelis won’t be the only ones shocked.

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Spreading the truth, we can all make a difference!