US Gov’t Leading Covert Campaign In Middle East, Report Indicates

They need to keep their hands to themselves.

If you saw an attacker aiming a gun at victims, would you: [a] run away, [b] try to fight back, [c] stay frozen in fear, or [d] help the attacker get a clear shot?

For some reason that escapes me, some of our world leaders have chosen the insane option of enabling the attacker. For example, instead of stopping Iran from being able to develop nuclear bombs, they decide to make a nuclear deal with Iran, which states quite publicly who is on their “kill list”, and allowing Iran to maintain its nuclear capabilities to one day build nuclear bombs.

Are they insane? I don’t think so. So what is their plan? I must admit that is a very scary question. We can’t afford to blindly follow them. Because our lives are at stake. We can’t afford for Iran to one day get a nuclear bomb and hope for the best. Just like we can’t afford for radical Islamic terrorist attacks to be part of our daily lives. Much of the Middle East is a mess and their terror is now spreading to the West as well. The Arab Spring has become the Arab winter of discontent. Has US foreign policy under President Obama really made the world a safer place?

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However, there are good leaders in the world today who recognize the threats that face us. They work hard to stop those threats. One of those great leaders who combats terrorism is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He isn’t afraid of radical Islam and is willing to stand up for freedom. Yet in the recent Israeli elections, the US State Department did something shocking. Perhaps this reveals a bit about Obama’s plans for the region. If you aren’t aware of what happened, make sure to watch the short video below. We need honest, strong leadership in today’s world to fight against today’s threats. We can’t afford to settle for anything less.

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Note: An article from the Washington Times stated, “The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded…” Get the full article here: