Israel’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Professor Isaac Ben Israel — one of the primary thought leaders and creators of Israel’s cybersecurity policies — visited Boston last week.

Professor Ben-Israel served a distinguished career in his country’s Air Force and later in parliament. He has taught for many years at the University of Tel-Aviv, and in 2011 was appointed by the Prime Minister to lead a task force that formulated Israel’s national cyber policy. Professor Ben-Israel founded the National Cyber Headquarters in the Prime Minister’s Office, and has since led another task force which resulted in the recent establishment of a new National Cyber Authority. He also organizes Israel’s Cyber Week (a conference that attracts 5,000 international guests).

Prof. Ben Israel addresses MIT CSAIL

Ben Israel talked about the development of Israel’s unique cyber ecosystem and discussed R&D collaboration with potential academic and industrial partners in New England. Faculty members, students and alumni attended events at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, the Sloan School at MIT, and CSAIL MIT (where he kicked off the prestigious speaker series).

Ben Israel also spoke to a number of public audiences, including WorldBoston — nonpartisan forum for public engagement in critical international issues.

Prof. Ben Israel addresses WorldBoston

In each of his talks, the audience benefited from the opportunity to engage in active discussion around topics such as policy making, cyber education, risk management, critical infrastructure and threat sharing.

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