Beauty unexplained (Throwback to summer 2014)

As we stood there in the fringes between darkness and light, waiting for the bus to continue our journey to the city of the Nile, I couldn’t help but wonder how did we end up here? Just a few hours ago most of us didn’t even have it in their wildest dreams that we would be spending this weekend in Aswan. Hell, less than two days ago, we didn’t even know the person that got us to take on this trip. And for the most part, half of us haven’t been there before. It’s funny how things turn out when you say yes to a spontaneous offer. Apparently, what they say about catching opportunities seems to be true.

It was only mere hours ago that the bus started moving after a very long wait. And mind you, it wasn’t the most comfortable ride. However, comfort wasn’t our goal. We wanted to live, truly live, experience and enjoy life. If a bumpy ride was the way to do that, then we would welcome it with open arms. On the other hand, we had enough sheer excitement to last us twice the way. We weren’t prepared for the scene to that hit us upon the bus’s first rest break, though. It was something out of a dream. And then when we got to witness the beauty of dawn, it hit us. This is where we were supposed to be, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Taking our rest, we gazed at the inviting curves of the forgotten Egyptian dessert of desert while it was being gently caressed by the moon, delivering it over to the rising sun. At that moment, an image came to mind. The look on the moon’s face seeing his beloved once again. As happy as it was sad, only a few minutes later, he would have to say goodbye yet again. I stood there watching the sun’s tears burning through the already burning sea of clouds. And don’t even get me started on the clouds, turning from warm dragons and eagle shaped butter into an angry hot sea of lava. It was as brilliant painting of love, happiness, agony and wrath fused into one single moment.

A wave of realization hit me all of a sudden. That explains why the sun gets impatiently angry and starts burning everything by midday. To be deprived of her loved one every single day over and over again would drive the most sane to madness. And all they have is just a chance to glance of each other’s faces for mere moments everyday. Every now and then they get a rare chance of a cosmic touch on an eclipse. A love that never dies, a love born again everyday, always there yet always out of reach. However, no matter how angry the sun gets, she can’t help but calm down again in anticipation for the second date of the day, even if it was just a few movements barely enough to say hello and farewell. That was enough for her and it was rapture for him.

At that moment, watching the lovers of the night, a singular thought dominated my mind. What if it were me? What if it was us? What would we do then? Would we last or would we perish? would we give up? or would we realize the beauty of the small moments of life? I was grateful I didn’t have to answer then. I was mesmerized by the exquisite story of Sun and Moon. It was enough to give me pause. And may be pause was all I ever needed. May be it’s exactly what we need. To pause and live give due justice to moments of our life instead of always dwelling backward or anticipating forward. Would Sun and Moon survive if they didn’t live these small moments they have to the fullest?! Would we survive ?!

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