It’s due time ! A parallel story.

(This is a story of a parallel ending to “It’s not time yet” I recommend that you read that one first and then read this one. In any case, you decide :) here is a link so that you don’t have to look : )

As her head was resting there on the left of his chest, he could barely hear anything over the sound of his heart beats. He wondered if she heard them, too.

“Probably she did” The voices said.

He was about to bid her farewell. Only the stars knew if they were to ever meet again. His mind took him back to how she managed to slip past his defenses. She probably doesn’t know, but her arrow reached further than any one else’s before her. May be there was one before, but that was very long ago. It slipped through all the mazes and corners reaching the inner solitude of his heart. He was perplexed, it rarely happens that someone reaches there. It was dark and messy, a play ground for his demons. And yet, her arrow reached and danced with them.

He patted smoothly on her hair and reached for her cheeks whispering goodbye. Reluctantly pulling away from her, his leg caught onto something on the floor. It threw him forward.

“Clumsy till the end” he thought.

In that moment, though, their lips met. And for a brief of a moment, the whole world disappeared. The shock wave threw her back, almost falling. Instinctively he pulled her by the back of her head. Her back arching backwards, he pulled her head back up towards his heart. He wasn’t much of a dancer, but it felt like dancing. “If only” he said, barely making any sound over his drumming heart.

“What?!” she looked up into his eyes and asked.

He caressed the stray stands of her hair with one arm while the other wrapped tightly around her shoulders. He didn’t mean for her to hear that. It was only to provide and escape for the voices echoing in his head.

“Nothing…” he said.

“Till the very end then… Are you sure?” she asked

He took a moment before answering. He’s wasted a lot of chances before, but he still couldn’t say the words.

“Are you a freaking idiot ?!” the voices shouted. “She’s waiting for you to say it. We feel sorry for that girl that she had to fall for a chicken like you” the voices continued.

“It’s not time…” He said.

“It’s never time with you, how many times have we heard this ?!” The voices said.

“But…” He mumbled.

“No fucking buts, we’ve been waiting for forever for you to grow some balls. If they’re not gonna grow naturally, we’re gonna force kick them out.” They said.

“Okay… Okay… just give me a second” He said. He tried to think of a way to say those five words. He was scared to ask. It wasn’t his place to.

“Do we have to kick ?!” The voices interrupted his train of thought.

He gathered up his scattering breaths and looked her in the eye “ If only you weren’t taken”

She looked at him with a surprised look, question marks all over her eyes.

“See, I told you I shouldn’t have asked. It’s not the right time” He told the voices. “Now what would she think?! That i’m some kind of weirdo who…”

“Shut up and listen, you spineless fool” The voices interrupted. “We can’t believe this. We’re the one who usually make people second guess and overthink, but this guys does it all on his own. So much that we are out of our league, we had to change our job description. To think we’re the ones trying to make him not over think. What are the other voices gonna say about us now?!” The sighed to themselves.

He escaped from his thoughts for a moment in time to see her lips curl into a smile “What if I’m not?!”

He was taken aback a step “ But… Come again!!” He said.

“Long story…..” She answered.

He couldn’t hear the rest of what she said over the loud voices of the party in his head. His heart skipped a beat for a moment. He wanted to ask more questions but all he managed to conjure was “Then I guess I won’t feel guilty about this”

“Wha..?” before she managed to finish the question, her reached and gently glided a stray strand of hair back into it’s place letting his hand slide to the back of her head. With the other hand he pulled her chin up. It all happened in less than a second, but for him it was eternity. He wasn’t thinking. For the first time in his life, his mind completely stopped. His body was moving on its own. The voices stopped, everything was alarmingly still. He whispered into her lips “I’m glad it’s you” And he planted a gentle kiss on them. They were soft and gentle. It was like her lips conveyed her spirit and every thing he liked about her in one complex multi textured taste. There were no words that he knew that could describe it accurately. It was because it was her.

His lips opened up a bit to give way to his venturing tongue which moved on it’s own. In fact it was like every part of his body had a mind of it’s own at that moment. He let them go. She grabbed the lower of his back and pulled him closer. He did the same. It only gave courage to his curious tongue to venture forth and say hi to hers. That greeting tasted wonderful. Their tongues delved into a dance to the music of their beating hearts. His eyes were closed, but he could see into her soul. A connection of both the body and the mind. Her voices greeted his. They were grinning at their hosts from ear to ear. He only noticed them from the corner of his eyes. His been hearing them for so long, that was his first time seeing them.

His whole being merged with hers into a metaphysical trance. It was a new kind of awareness. It rocked his mind into dizziness but when he recovered from that, it was euphoria. He could grasp everything at the same time. And she was right there with him. And at that moment, the contract was sealed.

The music slowed down letting the dancing tongues retreat reluctantly to their caverns. His hands glided back up to her face cupping her cheek. Her hand still holding on to his waistline, she looked up to his eyes. He smiled a smile that he could only conjure for her. He didn’t say anything this time, not out of fear, but because he knew that she knew all he wanted to say. She smiled back at him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You better not keep me waiting for long this time around” she whispered into his lips.

“All in due time…” He said. “And time is due.” He continued.

“Yes it is” she smiled, grabbed her bag and swayed away.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her until she disappeared into the distance. He smiled contently to himself.

“And welcome, ladies and gentlemen, the balls have finally made their debut!!” The voices chuckled

“Oh… Shut up” He smiled.

“We were impressed. For a second there we didn’t know that you had the guts to go directly for the contract and actually seal it. Seems that those late balls wren’t wasting their time inside…. well, what do you know ?! the boy has finally did it!!” They laughed. “And don’t mind us, we enjoyed our time playing with her voices, I think we’re in love” They said.

“Well, it has just started, now i have to catch up to her.” He said.

“Well, with these new sets of yours, you’d have no problem in doing so” They replied.

“Yeah, right…. Thanks by the way.” He smiled.

“It’s what we’re here for kid… We’re really happy for you” They said.

“And so am I” He replied.