See me…

They married, and for the first time in his life, he felt content. There was no doubt nor regret. They were madly in love, and they were the perfect match. Yet she only knew his light, she didn’t acknowledge his darkness. He thought he could show her himself whole, but she refused the part she didn’t want. She denied its existence. Suddenly he realized that was two. One she loved, and the other she loathed. He came to be jealous of himself. His heart was tearing, only glued by bits of memories and pieces of love. He loved her, but she couldn’t see him whole. He wished for her to see him. He tried to make her see, yet he couldn’t. She refused to see.

In the end picked up his light, merged it into his darkness. He was one again. He stood in front of her, whole again. He pulled her close, gently putting a stray hair away from her cheek to it’s place behind her ear. He cupped her cheeks with both hands and pulled her even closer until he could feel her warm breath on his lips. He looked deep in her eyes and whispered gently “See me !!”. There was no change in her eyes. He gently caressed her lips with his, leading on to a gentle yet intense kiss. He whispered in her mouth “Find me when you do” and he vanished.

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