I’m starting this blog, as I thought it would be an easy way to release my thoughts, frustrations, ideas, passions and stop me from imploding. In a way, I hope that nobody reads it, especially people I know, but then again, maybe it would give them an insight into my mind. I’m just afraid that they would find it funny and mock me about, (something my friends are prone to doing). It’s a scary thing, putting your own thoughts out into the world for others to see and I guess, judge. As I grow and write I hope to lose the trait of getting embarrassed and just accept what happens with a good attitude.

My personality will come out in my writing, but if I had to describe myself honestly, I would say that I’m a person who stresses, overanalyses and can get quite angry, quickly. I’d also like to think of myself as kind. I’m not really good at finding what’s good in me or complementing myself. I recently became the female school captain of my school, which you would think would give me a bit of confidence as a person, but a part of me wondered how I got it, and how people knew who I was.

So 2016 is going to be huge!! A year full of year 12, 18ths, stress, fun, health and fitness, and here’s hoping, love.

At this moment, I’m not certain of the frequency with which I will write this blog, but I’ll just say they’ll come out when I need to get something out in the open.

A friend of mine, has his own blog, and always finishes with a quote, so I thought I might do something similar, in pursuit of my perfect quote.

“If it was easy, everyone would do it”