Midnight in Paris

How to begin? I loved it. Woody Allen being a superb film maker and a writer, Midnight in Paris was like a beautiful painting. I think the previous statement of mine may have been a bit biased because I love France and the French language even though I’ve never been there or can’t speak French. From here, it contains spoilers, so “Spoiler Alert”

I started loving the cinematography during the first few seconds of the movie. It sets in a perfect day and the frame feels warm and colorful, with a bit of yellowish shade. When talking about the theme of the movie, it’s something very common when it comes to sealing the deal, or in other words, marriage. When imagining spending the rest of the life with a person, some might realize that it is not as it seems like. Small, maybe inconsiderable qualities of a person may annoy the other person and may affect on their decision to live with them forever.

This is one of those incidents. The movie lays the story in a brilliant way to portrait how the main character in the movie, Gil comes to realization that he’s not meant to be with his lover and fiancée Inez. This movie discusses time travel in a very interesting way. This is no Si-Fi, so no one blabbers advanced physics words which most of us have to google to understand the meaning. It’s simple as one gets into a vintage Peugeot car and gets out in the 1920s, the era Gil dreams to live in Paris. Not just that, Gil being a writer, he meet all the inspirational writers and artist of that time in Paris, including Ernest Hemingway, Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein. And he manages to give a copy of his novel he’s working on at the moment to Gertrude Stein for review.

All these artists in the history help him to realize that he absolutely belongs with the beautiful city of paris as an independent thinker, which is actually Gil’s dream however not Inez’s. Then he meets a beautiful woman Adriana, who’s also a lover of Picasso and very passionate and romantic. Gil falls in love with this beautiful woman who’s dreams is to be born and lived in the La Belle Époque era. And amazingly both Gil and Adriana manage to go to that era by stepping into a horse carriage. After that Gil realized that everyone has their own dreams and times to be living in, and Adriana decides to stay in La Belle Époque.

However the character of Inez seems like rich and privileged where she does not listens to his fiance’s thoughts and ideas. No one can blamer her because it’s how she wants her future to be. She likes to live in the United States where Gil’s dream is to move to Paris and walk in the rain. Gil encounters a friend of hers, Paul who seems to be passionate about art. It shows that Inez is more interested in Paul when he speaks and condemns Gil in front of Paul. Inez and Paul goes out couple of times, dance and have wine. Unless Ernest Hemingway points out that they might be having an affair while he was reading Gil’s novel when it was with Gertrude for a review. When Gil confronts Inez she accepts that they did in fact had an affair.

Image: IMDB.com

This becomes the end of their relationship as Gil walks out of the hotel and meets another beautiful woman Gabrielle, who works at an Antique store where Gil used to go to find Cole Porter’s records. And it starts to rain magically. As Gil likes to walk in Paris streets while it rains, she too does not mind getting wet in rain in the beautiful city of Paris. We can imagine the rest of the story where Gil and Gabrielle hooks up and lives happily ever after in Paris.

I take the whole time traveling factor of this movie to see how Gil tries to make his decision on either to stay or leave Inez. Because he starts to realizes that Inez isn’t the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, while their stay in Paris. By thinking of how great Paris is and the artists who lived in Paris in history, and what would they do and say if Gil meets them affects and helps to make his decision. Considering all the facts, Gil sees the big picture that he needs to be with someone who support his work and who should at least think similarly.

Actually I wanted to see the rest of the story how Gil’s book becomes the best seller because it was reviewed by two of the renowned authors of all time, Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway. And I loved how the movie was made including one of the most advanced and controversial things in science, ‘travelling back in time’. If you watch this movie in a scientific perspective, it could raise so many questions, so don’t. And I think this is that type of a movie where you can Netflix and Chill with your partner while giving them small hint.

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