The pathos of Jamie Lannister

Jamie and his Bond move

By now, we all know what a rare gem of a guy Jamie Lannister is. If you pardon his falling for his sister, the man hasn’t put a foot wrong. And there too, his love for his Queen is boundless. If everything is fair in love and war, Jamie is the axiom’s most ardent champion. On top of that, to lose your most powerful possession, a dominant warrior arm, and yet not be filled with rancour, was reason enough to make him one of Game of Throne’s most likeable characters — a feat no less when you consider that he competes with a Tyrion and a Jon Snow for top honors. Clearly, he is the underdog here.

And then came the episode, “The Spoils of War: S07, E04” and we had another underrated Jamie Lannister moment. It was where in the last 30 seconds, he risks everything to make a move to kill Danerys.

Every sane voice in his army (if they were alive) would’ve advised him to not take that chance. His own brother Tyrion who knew what a great warrior Jamie was, could only fret to himself, “Flee you idiot.” Yet, it was the farthest thought on Jamie’s mind. For he saw what no one could see, an opportunity to end the war. He wills his horse forward, “Let’s do it boy,” he whispers to his stallion.

You fucking idiot,” Tyrion mutters again. This time out of pity and fear and a conviction that this is the end. But by then, Jamie is right there at the mouth of the dragon, without a care in the world for himself but perhaps with just the thought that he could help Cersei win the Great War once and for all.

All of this for a woman, who 48 minutes later, would menacingly whisper in his ears, “Never betray me again…

In the annals of fictional television, everything about that episode will go down as great drama. Fans have begun to dissect the battle, tomes are being written about the decisive move made by the Mother of Dragons and how it might have been the best battle scene of Game of Thrones ever — a tall claim for a series that’s already seen multiple wars and another iconic episode (Battle of Bastards) win 7 Emmys — including Best Writing and Direction.

To overshadow all of that and roll out yet another episode of timeless television, is no doubt, to deliver writing of the highest order. One will continue to keep Reddit engaged for years to come and people will remember The Spoils of War for all these reasons but they will forget that Jamie Lannister move. Much like how his love will always be tainted for his choice of woman, his greatest act of courage (and the surest sign of his love) will be forgotten, like rubble.

The irony, pathos and the undying love of Jamie Lannister.

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