5 It Gets Better Videos From August You Need To See

Each month, It Gets Better assembles the most inspiring IGB videos from around the globe. From actresses to members of parliament, these words of encouragement bring hope to the places that need it most. Check out our August picks below:

1. Aisha Dee & Nikohl Boosheri Share The It Gets Better Message

Freeform’s new show, The Bold Type, tackles a variety of issues facing young people today, including coming to terms with one’s sexuality. Actresses Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri created an It Gets Better video to discuss why it’s so important for the younger generation to see LGBTQ representation on TV.

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2. Alessia Injoque Shares Her Story With Todo Mejora

Alessia, a trans woman, shared her story of strength and self-confidence. Looking back she realized that, little by little, things got better.

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3. Colombian Actress Vanessa Londoño Shares A Message Of Love

Actress and psychologist, Vanessa Londoño, shared her message with It Gets Better, sending words of love and hope for the LGBTQ population of Colombia.

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4. It Gets Better Went Atomic

We asked the people of Los Angeles what makes them atomic in honor of the new queertastic movie, Atomic Blonde. Their answers, and dance moves, were unsurprisingly amazing. Watch as they proudly proclaim self-confidence.

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5. Austrian Parliament Member Inspires Young People With Her IGBP Video

Nurten Yilmaz, a member of the Austrian Parliament, partnered with Es Wird Besser Österreich to inspire young people with her amazing words.

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From Chile to Austria, It Gets Better affiliates were out and about in August, spreading the IGBP message. Here’s what they were up to:

Todo Mejora was front and center to watch President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, sign a bill that would legalize marriage equality and same-sex adoption.

It Gets Better Mexico marched in the 13th annual Pride Toluca along with over 70 other associations and groups.

It Gets Better Paraguay formed an alliance with the local community center to help spread bullying prevention education.

Es Wird Besser Österreich celebrated their 4 year anniversary!

Todo Mejora started an academy for leadership and activism.

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